About Unitrans translation company

Unitrans is one of the world renowned professional language service providers, our company focuses on the motto of “honesty with sincerity, knowledge with morality”, we dedicate to provide high end translation, accompany interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and other translation services in English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German, French and many other rare foreign languages to global clients under the economic globalization, market integration and the ever changing commercial environment.? We currently have over 5,000 contracted translating talents of university professors, Ph.D.s and Masters, oversea returned scholars and foreign revisers and others with many years of translating experiences in all industry fields.

“Employees are the God of an enterprise” is the enterprise management philosophy created and worshiped by Unitrans Translation, more of the competition between enterprises in the 21st century is the competition between talents, and the competition between translation companies is even more of the competition between translation talents and quality. Therefore, Unitrans is putting great efforts to transfer HR strategic management awareness into HR strategic management ability, which introduces the talent evaluation system, cooperates with GCDF global career planers and HR experts, to search for, select, manage and keep the most outstanding internationalized translation talents.

Unitrans firmly believes that attitude determines fate, tolerance determines setup, and richness in details determines height of career.? Our company is dedicated to create flagship in translation industry, strengthen translating quality and global brand name image, occupy the majority market domestically and internationally with authoritive 《ISO Translation Quality System》, and 《National Translation Quality Standard of China》 as the translation quality standard of our company.? We have introduced the most advanced BOSCH simultaneous translation system, CRM management information system, merged with Beijing Jinrui Translation Co., and actively established strategic cooperative relationships with outstanding local translation companies in London, Seoul, Tokyo, Masco, Berlin, Paris and etc. through stockholding, strategic cooperation, foreign investment and other channels.? With many years of hard work, the Unitrans brand and service quality have been highly recognized by all levels of the Chinese governments, Fortune 500 enterprises, tens of Embassies in China and other clients. 

China BeiJing Tel:+86-10-64809262   ShangHai+86-21-68816568  Email:info@unitrans.cn


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